No New Years Resolutions, No New New


we’re gonna set feisable managable goals!!

The New year is here, and I know so many are ready to set themselves up for failure for some resolutions for the New Year. Resolutions that will most likely be broken by Valentine’s day. New Years Resolutions don’t really (strike through really) work. I feel like that’s common knowledge right?🤔

Like, we all know they don’t work, and yet we set them anyways. These fantastic unimaginably achievable overnight-obtaining goals. Most of the Resolutions I see are usually weight or diet related, but that’s most likely because I’m a female. And kudos to them, shiiid I am all for having new f*cks to give about your body’s health but trying to Change a lifetime habit like what you eat in like that *snaps fingers* is incredibly tricky. You’d HAVE to have the sheer willpower of a Comic book hero (Spiderman) or tie yourself to the bed like Jamie Foxx in Ray.


I think a gradual, manageable change is the best way to go when trying to form new habits, especially those related to satiety. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy a good nosh (means to stuff your turkey holster) session? But let’s be honest, most people (including myself) tend to overdo it, and there in lies the problem. Fad diets are popular around this time but are also trash because so many reasons I’d really have to do another post about it. Just know they belong in the garbage, ok? You have to make permanent changes if you want that IG #bae body ooooorrrr you could save up and suck the fat out (and put it in your butt perhaps? 🤔).

I literally just googled fake booty…maybe not the option for me.

Of course, you’d have to then keep the fat away after this otherwise you’ve just wasted Several dollar dollar bills (*in my wu tang C.R.E.A.M. voice*) and put yourself through a ton of pain for nothing (totally not an option for me, girl). My Point? Well instead of fad diets or going under the knife WE have to make up our minds to want to be healthier AND in shape, fa real fa real. SO I believe you should make small lasting changes that will give consistent results. Now I’m speaking from my personal experiences but losing weight by any means necessary is counterproductive, and you could make yourself sick. You may cause more damage than good by depriving your body of the things it needs. But what we want for 2018 (and until death do us part), is to improve our food choices continuously (right? or am I just speaking for myself?) and exercise (ugh) or at least being active.

Lazy The Simpsons GIF
This is literally me 😓

So far the lasting changes I’ve made have been awesome. I no longer eat fast foods, quit drinking Sodas & whole milk (only fat-free Lactaid or Almond milk). I’ve reduced my white grain and starch consumption which in turn has brought my daily sugar intake down. As of late, I’ve been watching my sodium intake which still needs work, but I’ve reduced it by about a third. These are just a few of the small adjustments I’ve made over the past couple of years and now that I’m used to it along with a little adjusting of my palate. I’m amazed at how bad; bad foods taste to me now that I’m used to something better.

Image result for healthy choices

Everything that’s trash is just so. So sweet. So Salty. So bad. And I’m glad about it. That means I will no longer crave garbage.

happy dinner GIF by Sainsbury's

To be honest, I do believe my small adjustments caused a Plateau in my weight gain (which I am also pleased with I’m not trying to have to keep going up a size at Forever 21). Before I quit soft drinks, I was gaining weight, but since then I’ve been maintaining.

Work Out Animation GIF by Jake
This really is how I feel lmao

If I Continue on this path and increase my physical activity, I feel in my spirit can be where I wanna be. So my self-improvement goals are gonna stay positive, take my goals one day at a time (I’m terribly impatient), get to my YouTube channel and become more physically active. Now all I gotta do is find an exercise I enjoy. * Sigh *


  1. Cece

    January 4, 2018 at 1:52 pm

    I think I’m about to change my milk as well I stop red meats and chicken so only seafood for me

    1. admin

      January 15, 2018 at 4:08 pm

      Do it!! I don’t even miss read meat and Jihad says he feel better without it

  2. Ash.Jak

    January 5, 2018 at 7:30 am

    Very relatable & inspiring

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