Have you ever seen the food you’ve never heard of or seen before and said you didn’t like it, even though you’ve never had it? And then there’s that one girl who convinces you to try it because they’ve had it and loved it.



Well, I’m that girl.


I absolutely love love LOVE cooking. The kitchen is my studio. I love the creativity and the endless number of ingredients out in the world waiting to be manipulated and devoured. I’m getting excited just typing about it.


Even as a black girl from the South, I’m still amazed at how one dimensional the average person’s pallet can be but I love getting people into new foods and I want to do the same with you.


My favorite thing about cooking is using whole unprocessed ingredients. I love to taste the food itself without all of the excess sugars and salts manufactures use to extend shelf life and keep you hooked. I just love good quality deliciousness. Throughout my career, I’ve been approached for recipe solutions, and dietary recommendations I decided to return to school to master my knowledge of human nutrition. While looking for an online space that intersects nutrition with food lust I realized I couldn’t find anywhere to which I could relate and so I decided to create this space to share my palatable thoughts and delicious ideas with you all.


I’m super passionate about food and nutrition but from a chef’s perspective.


I was born and raised in Louisiana and relocated to Atlanta, GA a week after my 18th birthday. While still technically a senior in high school (I was in dual enrollment), I attended The International Culinary School at The Art Institute of Atlanta. There I earned a BS in Culinary Arts Management. I then went on to work for a few years in various positions from line cook to chocolatier to sous chef to executive pastry chef. I went from restaurants to hotels to catering companies to hospitals. I was trying to find my fit careerwise (currently I am a high school culinary teacher). I knew my passion was being creative in the kitchen but I did not enjoy the politics and long-hours-with-low-pay life of the foodservice industry. I also hated the stifling of my creativity, since only the executive chef’s recipes are used in most commercial kitchens. That’s when I decided to create my own space, and TheChefette’s Kitchenette was born.

If you want to cook more often on a budget, learn to meal prep, learn the basics or just get inspiration I am here for you girl! Subscribe and follow my socials so we can dish on our dishes (was that corny lol) and feed on the feeds (I’m on a roll ).


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