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Where to start?

Where to start?

So this is my blog and I’m not entirely sure where to start so I’m going to start with me. So I’m a chef and after attending culinary school and working in the industry I decided I wanted to do something with my culinary skills that helped people. I wanted to be a way for others to obtain what they felt they needed to live a healthy life. So to do this I returned to school. I could have just been another self-taught suburban housewife health food blogger (except no) but I really had the desire to learn the facts and not dish out misinformation to the masses, especially since as a black woman my focus would be to help other black women.

As a black woman raised in the deep southern depths of Louisianan, I can say I wasn’t raised on the healthiest of diets and It was completely normal to me. But once I turned 26, I had already been to the hospital so many times for things a person at that age shouldn’t even be worried about. And I’ve met many people my age with kidney problems, type 2 diabetes, or pre-diabetic and I realized I needed to implement some changes in my diet and my overall life because the stress wasn’t doing me any favors either.

So now I’m 29 and again a student, and the more I’ve learned about my health, the more I’ve wanted to share this information, but I don’t want the focus to be on weight or muscles.

a salad isn’t enough but it’s a start


It’s more than that. I wish for people to enjoy moving about life and to do that they need to lead a healthy one. Heath, which is usually something people associate with sickness, but I want an excellent sense of wellbeing. For example, feeling sad can lead to emotional eating which can lead to weight gain with can further depression and possible cause medical issues which can cost money which then causes bills which further promotes the sadness. I want to learn to create good habits that help positive energy and growth, and I want this blog to be a judgment-free place of commonality and growth.

I’m not an animal loving raw food hippie vegan or anything like that. I’ve been looking for places that focused on black women and their wellness and health and nutrition, and they’re so few and in between. The few I’ve found were either missing the nutrition information I craved or wasn’t entirely relatable. Some also gave me the sense of conversion. Like they were trying to get me to join team vegan or vegetarian, and I don’t want to feel recruited.

And although many of my recipes are meat and dairy free, I do consider my self a plant-based flexitarian. My end goal is to get you all to make small incremental changes that leave you feeling better about yourself and your well being. If eating chicken is that thing you can do that ( but we won’t be deep frying it girl *side eye*)

Many of my family and friends have contacted me to help them through their desire for a change in their eating and living habits. And I really, really want to help, but my life-work-school-boyfriend balance just won’t let me. So I want this blog to be a place where we can come and support each other.


So let’s be each other’s accountability partners cause we can do this!!

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